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      1. We are Australia's national environment organisation

        BREAKING: They've called the #ClimateElection

        federal election
        11 April 19

        What is each party's track record on climate action?

        federal election

        Volunteer to make this the #ClimateElection

        federal election

        Join our community of?519,117?people across Australia

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        A last-minute stitch up: Morrison government approves Adani's groundwater plans

        09 April 19

        The shady climate-wrecking lobby group you’ve probably never heard of

        26 March 19
        Take action

        Two billboards up, two to go! Donate today to our #ClimateElection campaign

        federal election
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        Who are we?

        ACF is Australia’s national environment organisation. We speak out for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent and funded by donations from our community.

        Our challenge

        Right now, a pollution and extinction crisis threatens our living world. Climate damage and habitat destruction are two of the biggest challenges we face in Australia. But people made this crisis and together we can solve it.

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        How we work

        We push for bold solutions, because the problems we face are big and urgent. We use evidence-based advocacy, courage, creativity and common sense to make this country a better place. We change the story and build people power to fix the systems.

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